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Heartbeat is a social marketing technology that connects you with people who love your brand.

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All the tools you need to grow your community


Integrate your CRM to dive deeper into the demographics and behaviors of your best customers.


Run Do-It-Yourself influencer-style marketing campaigns using real people who love your brand.


Get rapid consumer insights, from household income to brand preference to product testing.


Tap into our network of vocal and active users to reach new customers.

All the tools you need to grow your community

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Who are Heartbeat Ambassadors?

Real people.
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Did you know...

Working with consumers who have 500-5000 followers is more effective than working with influencers. It’s more scalable too.

Millennials trust their friends’ opinions above traditional advertising. From college students to moms to your cousin, people everywhere are signing up for Heartbeat to connect with brands they care about.

Heartbeat has not only given me the opportunity to work with brands that align with who I am, but have also given me a sense of community with the other influencers!

Ambassadors, they work better.

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Heartbeat can do the heavy lifting for you!

Our team of experts will work with you to run full-service ambassador marketing campaigns, so you can sit back and watch the posts roll in. Check out our Por tools, which come with guaranteed posts, engagement, and reach.

  • End-to-end Campaign Management

    We know how to get your consumers creating content and working for you because we literally wrote the book. If you're looking to expedite the growth or tap into the power of your community work with a Heartbeat Pro to make it happen fast!
  • Guaranteed Results

    If you're looking for campaigns that drive ROI and really impress your boss, use Pro to get guaranteed results.
  • Get your product in the hands of buyers

    Our DIY marketing tool does not support product shipping to ambassadors. If you're looking to feature your product in campaign posts, we'll handle all of the logistics.

Questions? We're here for you.

Browse through our frequently asked questions below to find answers. If you can’t find the answer here, get in touch with us and we’ll help you.

Why is working with Ambassadors & Heartbeat better than working with influencers?
Here at Heartbeat, we’re not anti-influencer. We know there is a time and a place for working with celebrities or bloggers, and you know whether influencer marketing works for your brand. But after working with hundreds of different brand clients, we’ve heard time and time again that working with influencers can be exhausting. That’s why we believe in the power of everyday people. We’re a word-of-mouth marketing company with scale, so you can run always-on high quality content campaigns without the headache.

The benefits of working with brand Ambassadors include higher engagement, easy, trackable results and scalable campaigns.

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What is the difference between Communities( DIY) and Pro?
Communities (DIY) is the Heartbeat dashboard. It allows brands to post campaigns at any time through their brand page while keeping costs down to a lower price per post.

Pro is a Community fully managed by our Heartbeat Pro team. Everything is done for you. Pro guarantees engagement rate, number of posts and product shipping and fulfillment.

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How does a campaign work?
In October 2018, Heartbeat launched its Do-It-Yourself Campaign Builder. We’re excited to offer our basic campaign tools to a broader set of companies and offer a community-building tool to help your user base grow.

Below are the steps to setting up and tracking your first DIY campaign.

  1. Set your marketing goals: Heartbeat aligns with you on your marketing objectives, targeting criteria, KPIs, and creative ideas.
  2. Ambassadors apply: Heartbeat’s community of Ambassadors apply to participate in your campaign.
  3. Algorithm selects best participants: our Authenticity Engine technology identifies the top applicants for your campaigns.
  4. Post instructions are sent out: selected Ambassadors receive your specific brand-approved content creation guidelines.
  5. Campaign posts go live: Heartbeat’s technology monitors posts for accuracy and quality.

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What can you track?
At Heartbeat, we’ve based our business around helping yours. We’re a tech company, so we’re focused on delivering results and providing clear analytics, so your campaigns can get better over time. We track potential reach, engagement rate, comments, liked, captions, click-through rate, promo code redemptions, conversions, intent to purchase, net promoter score and Ambassador sentiment.

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