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What IS Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is the largest network of women on Earth who get paid to talk about stuff that they love on Instagram & Snapchat. Apply, share, engage with brands you love, and get paid!

How does it work?

We send out offers from our brand partners as they come in and you can decide whether you want to participate, but it's not mandatory. You will still receive future offers unless you ask to be removed. If that works, just complete the application above and we will start sending you offers very soon.

Why should I join?

Ambassadors get rewarded through Heartbeat with paid offers and free products from awesome brands. We believe all women should be treated as influencers, and Heartbeat is making that a reality!

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Snapchat TAKE OVER!

Every day a different Ambassador gets to promote whatever they're into (and their personal handle) on Heartbeat's Snapchat Story!


Insta Game On Lock

We're always posting things we find hilarious on Instagram, join us and our 100K+ followers for daily laughs. We often feature Ambassadors from our network who stand out.

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