Get Real

Heartbeat Ambassadors are your access point to consumers all over the world. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, & Twitter are amazing platforms for distributing original content, telling the world about your amazing product or service, driving sales, or something else that is critical to your business. Heartbeat Ambassadors know how to get YOUR message to their followers.

Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are great for distributing original content and driving sales, but posts directly from a brand can feel contrived to a millennial audience. Heartbeat Ambassadors know how to get YOUR message to their followers in a more authentic way. Let them drive the conversation, and you'll see your objectives move up and to the right.


You know who the best content marketers on the planet are? Real female consumers talking to each other. They know their communities on social media and in real-life intimately, and they can effortlessly and authentically talk about a product in a way that moves your marketing initiatives forward.

Authentic sharing is the wave of the future, and until now has only been a by-product of a great brand campaign. Now IT IS the brand campaign, and we can make it happen for YOU!